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FCMS General Supplies List

2022-23 FCMS General School Supply List

➡ notebook/loose-leaf paper ➡ pocket folders

➡ pencils/pens/red pens ➡ highlighter

➡ colored pencils ➡ corded earbuds or headphones

➡ Pencil Pouch ➡ kleenex (give to 1st Per Teacher)

➡ All Students will need a 1 - 1.5” binder - to be used for math only with binder tabs/dividers.

A few other recommendations/notes: 

  • All 7th Graders receive a basic scientific calculator as a part of their book rental. Any 8th Grader who has lost theirs, will need to purchase one for this year. (ex. Casio FX-260 SOLAR II - under $10)
  • A water bottle (if desired) - labeled with the student's name.

There are numerous additional items teachers need throughout the course of the school year. If you would like to donate any of these items, we will collect them in the main office to be distributed to teachers as needed.

➡ Kleenex    ➡ Ziploc quart-sized slider freezer bags; gallon-sized Ziploc bags

➡ Clorox Wipes   ➡ index cards    ➡ hand sanitizer    ➡ dry erase markers

A list of additional items required by individual teachers will be made available on the first days of school, and students will have ample time to obtain these items.