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AP U.S. History Students Study Progressive Era

The first twenty years of the 20th century were marked by a strong desire to improve American society through a variety of ways. This period was known as the Progressive Era. Many of the things that we take for granted today are a result of the tireless work of the Progressive Reformers. Some of the improvements made to society during this period were an end to child labor, increased awareness of civil rights violations, improved safety in the workplace, clean food and water through government inspections, women earned the right to vote, working to end government corruption and an increased focus on poverty in the country.

Students from Angela Koontz's AP U.S. History class is currently studying the Progressive Era.  This past week, students dressed up as individuals from the early 1900s. Students were to represent individuals who shaped the Progressive Era.  Students were required to "tell their story" to at least two teachers.  

Group photo of students dressed in progressive era costumes