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Harmonograph Set Up in TIC Center

What is that new contraption in the TIC Center?

The contraption in the TIC Center is called a Harmonograph! It is an amazing combination of geometry, physics, engeneering, art, and fun.  It was created by Mr. Lloyd Brewer, social studies teacher, Mr. Jackson's father-in-law. Mr. Brewer donated the harmonograph to the TIC Center for your exploration. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to learn the history of this harmongraph and how to utilize it to create amazing works of art. 

On Friday November 30, Mr. Brewer will be here for our 2nd Lunch & Learn opportunity. Students will enjoying their lunch in the TIC Center while participating in an engaging discussion and hands on demonstration of the harmonograph.

Drawing done by harmonograph   

Mr. Brewer and Students setting up harmonograph

Mr. Brewer setting up harmonograph with students

Mr. Brewer and students working on harmonograph