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Franklin Athletics Wall of Fame

As you walk into Door #15 of Franklin Community High School, you instantly become engulfed in history.  Whether it be from the pictures of the 1920’s “Fab Five” basketball team or the countless trophies and individual / team pictures of student-athletes that earned their way onto the wall, you can feel the years of Franklin athletics wash over you.  

Hanging on the Wall of Fame are Student-Athletes, Coaches, State Qualifying teams, and IHSAA Mental Attitude Award Winners.  These individuals and teams helped set the foundation for Franklin Athletics and provide a rich history of success in high school athletics for all those that will come through the halls of FCHS.  

The most recent pictures on the wall come from 2016 graduates Quinn York (Wrestling) and Kinsley Castro (Track & Field) both participated and placed in their sports at the state meets last year.  Both athletes placed 7th in their respective sports.  

Requirements to earn a spot on the Wall of Fame as a student athlete are as follows;

Team- In order to get a team pictured on the Wall of Fame, that team must be an IHSAA state champion or state finalist.

Individual-  In order for an individual to be pictured on the Wall of Fame, he/she must do at least one of the following:

  • Place at the IHSAA state meet for their sport

  • Be selected for an IHSAA state all-star team

  • Participate in an IHSAA state all-star game

  • Be selected as a mental attitude award winner at the IHSAA state championship for their sport.

The pictures hang on the wall and the trophies sit in the cases to recognize the achievements of the past, as well as inspire the current and future student-athletes at FCHS.  The next time you are visiting FCHS, take some time and visit the athletic area and take in the history that hangs on the walls.  

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