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Webb Elementary Hosts Family Science Night

Webb Elementary hosted a Family Science Night that aligned with the science fair. Participating in the science fair was optional and open to all grade levels. Students received packets that helped guide them through the scientific method. Students could choose between an experiment or a model, display, or collection. There were 36 entries total, with projects ranging from rock collections, solar system models, elephant toothpaste, how turn signals work, erosion, water cycle, and so many more!  

Also, at Family Science Night, there were many different stations with hands-on activities available for everyone to explore. In addition to the science fair displays, families could visit the StarLab, and science-themed break-out rooms. There were plenty of 'science-y' snacks (pop rocks, moon pies, sun chips, starburst, cosmic brownies) to enjoy. Families could also visit the explore and investigate room, where they could dissect owl pellets and look through microscopes and slides, minerals, geodes, fossils, shells, shark teeth, and lava rocks.  


female student standing in front of her project titled how do turn signals work?

a family is conducting an experiment that is causing a balloon to be blown up by a bottle