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School Safety at FCS

School safety is an ongoing conversation at Franklin Community Schools (FCS). In the past, we have hosted district wide safety forums on topics such as cybersecurity, student mental health, and safety procedures. This year, we would like to shift to smaller, school-specific events.    

All Franklin Schools will host a safety event or will release an informational safety video for each school prior to fall break. These events will allow parents to hear from district and building leaders as they discuss different processes surrounding student safety. Parents will also be led through an example of a tabletop exercise like those completed throughout the school year by school safety teams. 

In an effort to ensure that all questions and concerns are addressed, please email, and information regarding those questions will be provided.  

In addition to hosting these safety events, FCS is pleased to announce that we will be hiring two additional School Resource Officers, for a total of six officers supporting FCS campuses. These new positions will be funded with referendum dollars.

“We are so grateful that our community said yes to a referendum that allows us to keep student and staff safety at the forefront of our decision-making,” Dr. David Clendening said. “We also value our partnerships with the City of Franklin Police Department and Johnson County Sheriff’s Department.”  

FCS currently employs SRO Doug Cox and SRO Nathan Wooten. Through a partnership with Franklin Police Department, Officer Chris Gentry and Officer Adam Senteney have also been assigned to work in Franklin schools. We hope to announce our two newest SROs in the very near future.    

Lastly, Indiana State law changed effective July 1, 2022, and no longer requires a handgun permit to legally carry, conceal or transport a handgun within the state. However, the law prohibiting weapons from being brought onto school property remains in effect.  All weapons and firearms are prohibited on school properties. This prohibition does not apply to law enforcement personnel.  We are grateful for off-duty officers that provide an additional informal security presence when they attend school events.

Those permitted by the State of Indiana to carry a firearm must keep it locked and out of sight in their vehicle when on school property. The possession of a firearm in or on school property, in or on property used by a school for a school function, or on a school bus is a felony. In order to stop an unnecessary offense, FCS wants to communicate these expectations to all who visit our buildings. You will also notice that signage has been updated at each of our buildings.     

Please refer to School Board policy 7217 for more information. 

sign that hangs and says no firearms or weapons allowed on this property