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FEC seeks Part-Time Director

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The Franklin Education Connection (FEC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is an educational foundation created to serve and support K-12 students in the Franklin Community School Corporation in Franklin, Indiana, a community twenty miles south of Indianapolis.  

The FEC seeks a part-time Director to administer its resources and grow its reach in the Franklin community.

Duties and Responsibilities Include:

  • Facilitate the Franklin Education Connection’s program planning, development, implementation, design and evaluation in collaboration with the Executive Committee and the General Board of Directors.
  • Secure financial resources through fund raising initiatives and grant writing at a level that will allow the organization to be self-sustaining in both current and future years.
  • Attend meetings with outside organizations, public and private, for-profit and NPO, to represent the Franklin Education Connection and to maintain awareness of our organization.
  • Maintain close and positive relations with the Franklin Community School Corporation.
  • Prepare and disseminate news releases and other public relations and marketing activities to keep the community aware of Franklin Education Connection's programs and activities.  This activity should be in collaboration with the Study Connection and First Scholars Director, when Study Connection/First Scholar activities are being highlighted or promoted.
  • Create updated reports for the Executive Committee and attend all monthly meetings of that committee. 
  • Create updated reports for the General Board and attend all quarterly meetings and annual retreat of the General Board of Directors. 
  • Attend subcommittee meetings to provide requested information and insight to subcommittee members.
  • Prepare reports, agendas, and mailings/correspondences; maintain organizational records, including the maintenance and distribution of General Board and some Subcommittee meeting minutes.
  • Report on the attainment of strategic goals and progress on any Strategic Plans.  Assist in the development of any new strategies or goals of the organization as needed.
  • Coordinate activities in concert with and support additional contracted director of FEC: Study Connection and First Scholars Director.

Ideal candidates will possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills and an outgoing personality with a comfort in asking for donations of time and money from others.

A bachelor’s degree or higher is required.  Experience working in a prior K-12 educational environment is preferred, but not required.  Previous NPO experience is not a pre-requisite.

This part-time director position is contracted for one-year with subsequent renewals for one-year at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  The compensation is in the range of $15,000 - $20,000.00.    Previous contractors have completed the above duties averaging approximately 20 hours per week. 

For questions regarding this position or to submit a resume,

please contact Dustin Huddleston of the FEC at: 

317-736-5121 and/or