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FCS Announces Teachers of the Year

Franklin Community Schools is proud to announce that Melissa Mullis has been selected as the FCS Elementary Teacher of the Year and Craig Harvey as the FCS Secondary Teacher of the Year.   

Melissa Mullis is a fourth-grade teacher at Creekside Elementary. After teaching for seven years, she joined the Creekside team in 2017.  

“Melissa creates an engaging learning environment while holding her student to high standards, so they are always moving forward,” 2021 FCS Teacher of the Year Megan Osborne said. “Her students know the objectives for the day and are driven by their individual growth.”  

Mullis uses hands-on and interactive activities to teach learning objectives and strives to create an engaging learning environment.  

“In my opinion, the most important part of teaching is creating relationships, and I feel that I embody that with my students,” Mullis said. “I’m successful as a teacher only because I put relationships above all else. When teachers put relationships first, amazing things can happen in the classroom.”

Craig Harvey has taught social studies at Franklin Community High School for the last six years. Harvey also strives to build relationships with students who struggle to find a connection in the building. He develops multi-faceted lessons that provide opportunities for students to succeed at their level while providing a learning environment that promotes growth and success.  

“Few people put their heart and soul into their role as a teacher quite like Craig,” FCHS Principal Steve Ahaus said. “He comes to work each day ready to provide a valuable educational experience, but most importantly, he deeply cares about the well-being of his students and others.”

Harvey developed an after school program that provides several students the opportunity to receive academic support in a family-style environment, which includes a meal and teacher support.  

“I asked my mentor what advice he would give to a new teacher,” Harvey said. “His response was that you get moments in each student's life during which you can prove that you care. Forming that connection will open the door to being able to truly teach them. This has become the mindset behind all of my teaching.” 

As FCS Teachers of the Year, Mullis and Harvey received $500, courtesy of the Franklin Education Connection. They will represent Franklin Community Schools in the Indiana Teacher of the Year competition.

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