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FCS COVID-19 Dashboard

COVID-19 Updates

Page last updated 2.24.2021 2:50 pm


Students must not attend school, extra curricular activities, or any school-related function if he/she has a pending test.   


COVID-19 Data

FCS data is at 302 positive cases

FCS Data of COVID-19 cases

number of positive covid-19 cases in October/November 101

Covid-19 positive cases by school for August and September equal total of 7



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Staff Attendance

chart of fcs faculty and staff absences

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For teacher absences:

  • Green indicates that less than 10% of faculty or staff in that department are absent.
  • Yellow indicates that between 11% - 19% of faculty or staff in that department are absent. 
  • Red indicates that more than 20% of faculty or staff in that department are absent.  


Mask compliance

fcs mask compliance is 95.11%

Previous compliance percentage - 95.11%Indiana State Department of Health Data

Visit the Indiana State Department of Health for the Indiana COVID-19 Data Report, more information on community spread by county, and an overview of the color-coded maps.  


 map of Indiana counties


Regenstreif COVID-19 Dashboard