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COVID-19 Communication

In the event that FCS is notified of a positive COVID-19 test within our district, email communication will be shared with parents of unaffected students who attend the impacted building. That correspondence will take place on the day that the positive test is received at 3:00 pm.

Parents of any student who is identified as a close contact will be notified as soon as that determination is made.


Friday, October 23, 2020

Dear Franklin family, 

As we’re one week back from Fall Break, I am writing to share an update on the move to Phase IV for grades 7-12. Each school eagerly awaits the return of the students to this new learning environment. 

On Monday evening, I recommended to the FCS School Board a new set of benchmarks for us to use to indicate when and if we need to move to another Phase in our reentry plans. I would like to remind everyone the ultimate goal is to return to five days a week for all students K - 12. It is clear the best learning environment for all students is with their respective teachers. 

I realize we live in a pandemic, and the need to be flexible and grace-filled may not align with non-pandemic best learning environments. Everyone is learning and adjusting to this new reality. 

Speaking of adjusting to a new reality, please take a few minutes to watch this presentation. During the video, Mrs. Holman, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Ahaus, and I highlighted the changes coming to each school on November 2. 

Thank you for trusting in FCS during these difficult times; we will get through this together!  If you have any questions about the plans at FCMS or FCHS, please reach out to principals. As always, you can also contact me. 


Dr. David Clendening

PS: Here is the link to the Regenstrief COVID-19 Dashboard. This website is an excellent source of information on how COVID 19 is impacting our State and Johnson County.



Wednesday, October 8, 2020 

Dear Franklin family, 

As we prepare to launch into e-Learning and Fall Break, I am happy to say that we have made it to this date in our calendar with this hybrid educational model. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, Friday are fantastic days in our district due to having students in all buildings.  

I want to share an update on our benchmarks’ monitoring, and unfortunately,  I see a rise in the trend data.  Also, Fall Break is family time, and we have many families who will be traveling, which has led me to decide to push back the start of Phase IV to November 2.  

The short delay is not the end of the story for our journey to return students to school for four days of in-person instruction. While I understand this data has the potential to change, yet again, I am committed to getting our students back into the classroom with their teachers. To accomplish this commitment, I believe a new set of benchmarks are needed. Over the next week, I plan to work with my team to create this new set of measures to ensure our goal of Individual Student Growth is attained. Additionally, the plan will continue to mitigate the virus and ensure safety for our district’s remaining in this pandemic era. On October 19, I will be releasing these new benchmarks. 

This pandemic continues to cause many changes and inflight directions for FCS. The academic walk for our students has the potential to be challenging in the hybrid model. Another area of challenge is in the mental health domain.  We are aware of and monitoring this for all students.  Our Director of Mental Health and her team are continually finding ways to reach students and offer them support.  We will also continue offering our complimentary tutoring sessions following fall break. 

I appreciate your understanding as we deviate from the original plan sent out on September 18.  I look forward to having your child back in school four days per week, beginning November 2nd. Please enjoy this break; you and your children have earned it!  I ask that you wear your masks, continue to social distance, and be mindful of your activities outside of school.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. We will continue to get through this, together.  


Tuesday, September 22, 2020 - Update re: Fall Break 

Dear Franklin family, 

As fall break is approaching, I wanted to reach out with some clarifying information as well as suggestions if you plan to travel.  

Fall break 2020 is a little over three weeks away. We will operate on the following schedule: 

  • Monday, October 12, - Wednesday, October 14 - eLearning Days 
  • Thursday, October 15 - Friday, October 16 - Fall Break 
  • Monday, October 19 - School Resumes. No changes to the K-6 schedule. Grades 7-12 will resume in Phase IV.   

October Calendar with information about Phase IV

As a reminder, eLearning days are different from the current virtual learning environment.  For example: 

  • Teachers will have the day’s assignments and/or agenda posted for the eLearning day by 9:00 a.m.
  • Student assignments are due five school days after the eLearning day. 
  • There is no live instruction during eLearning. Teachers may post notes, assignments, videos, etc., but all that is shared can be accessed by the student at any time after 9:00 am.  
  • We understand that not all students have access to the internet during the day due to individual situations, such as loss of internet due to inclement weather, child daycare, parent availability during the workday, no internet provider at home, current location, etc.  Because of this, students will have five school days to complete any assigned eLearning Day tasks and assignments and turn in the work.
  • For more information about eLearning and Google classroom, please visit


In the event that your family intends to travel, the CDC has shared some suggestions. 

  • Research your destination ahead of time to see if COVID-19 is currently spreading in the community.  
  • Determine whether or not your family will be able to maintain social distancing during travel and at your destination.  
  • Research prior to leaving to determine whether or not your destination requires a 14-day quarantine upon arrival.  
  • For up-to-date information on travel restrictions and/or guidelines, please visit

Lastly, at the conclusion of fall break, if your child isn’t feeling well or is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, please keep your child home. In the event that this occurs, please contact your child’s attendance secretary as well as his/her teacher(s). Per normal procedures, teachers will work with students to keep them engaged in classes. 

Thank you,

David Clendening signature

Dr. David Clendening



Friday, September 18, 2020 - Update 

Good afternoon FCS, 

First, I want to say thank you to everyone for supporting and growing students in this uncharted time! 

Second, After the Labor Day holiday, I spent time reviewing the data regarding Johnson County from the Regrenstrief Institute, Harvard Global Pandemic Data, and the Indiana State Health Department Dashboard.  I have also completed an analysis of the remaining benchmarks as well as reviewed survey results from FCMS and FCHS faculty and students.  The data and benchmarks are promising. 

Based on this review, I wanted to share that we will be moving to phase IV  in our reopening plan on Monday, October 19th.  

We will stay at Phase II through Friday, October 16th.  This will allow us to continue our process and protocols to get ready.  Also, I will continue to watch the benchmarks to see if any significant changes occur that would indicate a need to hit pause on this announced move. 

Additionally, I am excited to announce that beginning next week, there will be tutoring sessions in place for those high school students who are in need of additional assistance. More details will be coming out soon from Dr. Worland’s Office of Curriculum and Instruction.

I would like to thank the parents who have reached out with questions, suggestions, and concerns, as well as the students and faculty members who continue to provide feedback that allows us to make necessary alterations to our plans. By sharing these upcoming plans now, I hope that all are able to process and plan for the next steps.  

Please remain diligent in hand-washing, social distancing, and mask-wearing as we navigate through the next few weeks that will lead us into fall break.  


David Clendening signature

Dr. Daivd Clendening



Friday, September 4, 2020 - Update 

We have completed our third week of school, and I could not be more proud of our students, faculty, and staff members.  Adherence to social distancing and mask compliance is going well, and all continue to face the challenges brought forth by COVID-19, with a determined and creative spirit.  

Since this pandemic began, extending grace and being flexible and nimble has been at the forefront of our minds.  We ask that parents and guardians join us in this thought process as we continue to work together to grow kids.  I know there are times when we don’t get things precisely right. Please continue to collaborate with your child’s teacher, principal, and me to improve everyone’s educational experience.     

I did want to remind you that September 11, 2020, is the deadline to determine if your child will participate in school as a virtual learner, or if your student will be an on-site learner. After this deadline, your choice for your child will remain in place for the semester.  

Last week, I mentioned moving up our benchmark check-in date to September 11; however, I want to review Labor Day weekend data to see how COVID-19 impacts our community.

Therefore, I am going to move the check-in date to September 18. This date is one week earlier than initially shared in the re-opening plan.  If a change in phase is appropriate, based on our five benchmarks, it will go into effect on Monday, September 28. 

As a reminder, please continue practicing social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing your hands as you enjoy this three-day weekend.  

David Clendening

Dr. David Clendening 


Friday, August 28, 2020 - Update 

I hope everyone is having a good week.  As outlined in our re-entry plan, Franklin Community Schools has developed five benchmarks, listed below, that are being monitored to address changing circumstances and to determine which phase we are in. Today is the first benchmark check-in date for our reopening plans.

After a thorough analysis of the benchmarks, and conferring with the FCS Central Office Administrative Team, Mr. Ahaus, and Mrs. Holman, I am announcing we will be staying in phase 2 of our reopening plan for grades 7 -12.


  • COVID-19 Data Trends (monitoring county and local trends in COVID cases, such as rate of positive tests, and hospital ICU bed and ventilator capacity)
  • Indoor air quality (ensuring that schools continue to meet fresh air requirements)
  • Cleaning procedures (ensuring that daily cleaning and sanitizing checklists are completed)
  • Mask compliance (how well students and staff are following mask policy)
  • COVID rules (monitoring student, teacher and staff absences, substitute availability)

In reviewing the data about this pandemic, Johnson County sees progress, declining numbers, in some areas, and increases in other areas. I continue to review several data points in COVID

trending to help inform my decision on moving FCHS and FCMS to another phase of the reopening plan. These data points come from three sources: Indiana Heath Department Dashboard, Regenstrief Institute Dashboard, and Harvard GlobalHealth Institute Dashboard.

Also, masks compliance, COVID rules, (examples include student attendance rates, teacher and staff attendance rates, substitute teachers, bus drivers, and custodial support), indoor air standards, and cleaning procedures have been monitored with favorable results.

Each benchmark provides perspective designed to shape the learning environment phase that best meets our needs. Please note 50% of my decision is based on the trending data analysis.

I appreciate the work and diligence everyone is putting in to make this year's school setting the best possible under these pandemic conditions. Please continue to remember these four things to help FCS get to phase 5: continue to wear your masks, continue to social distance, continue to wash your hands or hand sanitizer

throughout the day, and continue to keep your child at home if he/she is experiencing any symptoms outlined by the CDC or Indiana State Department of Health. The next reporting date is September 11, 2020.


David Clendening

Dr. David Clendening