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Change in Back to School Date

Franklin Community Schools shifts the start of the school year back to Monday, August 17, 2020.  The decision to move the start of the year back was made due to three factors: Initially, the approved district re-entry plan was built around Indiana progressing to phase 5. In light of Governor Holcomb extending phase 4.5 through July 31, FCS will need to modify some aspects of the plan.  Dr. Clendening is asking Dr. Moorman and the Johnson County Health Department to review and approve the new changes based on the Governor’s actions. 

The second factor was the increasing number of FCS students enrolling in our virtual school. Presently, 12% of our students have selected the enhanced virtual program. Dr. Clendening stated he supports each family’s decision to enroll in FCS virtual school if it is right for their children. Due to the larger than expected enrollment, changes in class sizes and teacher placement needs to be addressed.  The increased enrollment in virtual school will allow for smaller class sizes and ease social distancing pressure in school buildings across the district.

The final factor in making this decision revolves around updating tangible metrics to ensure ongoing monitoring of community-wide and internal school corporation data points. The additional time will allow school administrators to examine and implement any additional safety precautions for students and staff.

As FCS shifts back a few days, the IHSAA athletic programs will remain in their phased introduction to competition.  We are continuing with our current safety precautions. 

All three of these factors are anchored to Guiding Principles Individual Student Growth, Communication, Systemic Continuous Improvement, and Trust. 

This year is going to provide unique opportunities and FCS is ready to embark on a path that ensures 180 days of learning. This delay will allow families a few more days of summer and FCS with a few more days to advance their re-entry plans. The revised FCS Re-Entry plan will be released on Wednesday, August 5, 2020. Franklin Community Schools’ first day of school is Monday, August 17.