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Connecting essential resources to FCS staff, students, and resources. 


Better Together - 

Better Together is a partnership of organizations creating COMMUNITY for Franklin residents to stay mentally and physically healthy through the next few months as we navigate life together. You will find ways to stay connected within our communities throughout this website during this challenging time.

Visit the Better Together website for resources as well as volunteer opportunities! 


Payroll Information - 

Payroll FAQ’s during COVID19 Closure

If I’m in a substitute position, will I get paid during the closure?

No.  Substitute positions will not be paid during the closure.  The exception to this rule would be for long-term substitute teachers who are continuing to teach @HomeLearning during the closure.

If I’m in a part-time position, how many hours will I get paid during the closure?

We will calculate the average number of hours per week that you worked during the 4 weeks between 2/16/20-3/14/20.  This weekly average will become the number of hours per week that you will be compensated for during the closure.

Will I get paid for Spring Break?

If you are normally paid during Spring Break(Certified and 260/Year round employees), then you will be paid for Spring Break.  Part-time employees will not be paid for Spring Break.

Will I get paid after May 1st?

Although we haven’t made any decisions past May 1st, the School Board and the Administration are committed to ensuring that our employees get paid during this time of closure.  We will share information about future decisions with employees as soon as possible.

Do I need to claim any time for Friday, March 27th?

For full-time employees, you do not need to claim any benefit time for this day.  If you normally get paid for this day, you will automatically get paid. Part-time employees who normally would not be scheduled to work over Spring Break will not get paid for this day.

How do I clock in and out if I don’t have access to do that off-site?

The only pay period during the closure that you will need to clock in and out is March 3-15-20 - 3-28-20.  After that, you will be paid automatically. If you don’t have access to clock in and out remotely, please report your hours to your immediate supervisor for entry to Skyward.  

If you have other questions, please contact Tina Jobe-Gross at


Dear Franklin Community Principals, Teachers, Counselors, and Instructional Coaches,

We have been very impressed by your ingenuity, hard work, and commitment this past week. Thank you for rising to the challenge of this unprecedented situation. Thank you for focusing on students and families. 

As this situation progresses into the weeks following Spring Break, we must remain mindful of new challenges from the effects of COVID-19 and from the ongoing physical separation of our community. Please know that during these potential challenges your Franklin Community Schools family is here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out. 

As we think about our lesson planning during the days following Spring Break, please be mindful of potential health and financial challenges and consider the following pointers:

clip art bodies with hands in the air         Continue to focus on the human element of your lessons. If you have not done so already, incorporate a daily (MWF) or, at minimum, weekly video into your lessons. Another suggestion is to make periodic phone calls home to students and families. You can do this by scheduling a few phone calls each day (MWF).

colorful cogs As we consider the mental and emotional well-being of our students and families throughout the month of April, engagement and connectivity may be more important than content delivery. Continue to schedule periodic Google Meets to provide opportunities for your students to engage with you and with each other. Be clear about when these meetings will occur as students are sometimes working around shared devices and parent schedules.

clipboard with check marks and a pencil on top   To help reduce your stress and that of your students, think about where you can focus on mastery of skills rather than the introduction of new content. Understandably, this approach makes more sense for some courses than others. However, for example, the College Board recently announced its plan to test students only on content delivered through March. Therefore, April is a great opportunity to focus on review in AP courses.

head  Less can be more. Remember that assignments may take students longer to complete. As this is a new learning environment for you, it is also a new learning environment for our students. Continue to prioritize and be realistic as we extend @HomeLearning into April. Find a balance between online and offline activities and assignments. Remember that Tuesdays and Thursdays are days for you and our students to catch up, plan ahead, and take a breath. 

people talking with two thought bubbles  Continue to communicate clear expectations. This is very important during this time of uncertainty. Please ensure that learning objectives and assessment outcomes are clear and reasonable. Also, continue to provide ways for families and students to contact you with questions.

sun  Encourage all students to schedule time daily for physical activity and/or sunshine. Yes, these activities can be part of your objective for the day. Seek student feedback about their workload and well-being. Be empathetic and listen. Think about creative ways for students to communicate their well-being through your activities and assessments.

spiral confetti  Don’t forget to have a little fun. In this unprecedented time, please think about activities that make students laugh, activities that students can enjoy with their families. Don’t hesitate to post optional activities online. We just ask that you be clear about what is required and what is optional.

unplug to recharge  Take time to unplug. You cannot be online 24/7. Our practice is to respond to questions within 24 hours. Admittedly, we are checking Google Classroom and e-mail on a regular basis during the hours of 8:00 and 3:00 during @HomeLearning. However, questions after this time may not be answered as quickly. It is okay to unplug.

Above all, throughout this journey, please remember to give yourself, your colleagues, your supervisors, your families, and your students’ grace. We are in this together and will continue to uphold our guiding principles throughout this journey. We got this, Franklin. Again, reach out if you need anything at all. THANK YOU!


With gratitude,


Dr. Brooke Worland

Assistant Superintendent


Dr. David Clendening


Wellness Opportunities 

Through our partnership with Peace Through Yoga, FCS employees have access to a 30-minute video that helps teach the mindfulness practice to ground, center, and quiet the mind. You will need to be logged into your FCS account to access the video.  

If you are seeking fitness opportunities, our friends at JoCo Fitness are providing at-home workouts and movements that are body weight-based! This means you don't need any extra equipment!  If you don't already, follow JoCo Fitness on Facebook or Instagram to get started!  

The Power of Positivity - The wellness team is encouraging our staff, their family, their students and our community to join our Get Smiling Franklin challenge! Share a positive message, a photo of you and your family doing something you enjoy, or a creative way that you are staying positive to your social media account.  Use the hashtags #ThisisFranklin #InThisTogether and #GetSmilingFranklin so that others can follow along! 


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