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FCS Representatives to Visit Japan

Thanks to the support of local Japanese companies, the City of Franklin, Franklin Community Schools, and the Franklin Education Connection are excited to send a delegation of students and chaperones in September of 2020 to visit our sister city of Kuji, Japan.  Students will first travel to Tokyo and explore the Japanese culture and be introduced to local cuisine, entertainment, and history of the city. Students will then travel to Kuji where they will be paired with host families to be immersed in the daily life of a Japanese family, including attending school. 

“Individual student growth is our number one priority at FCS,” Dr. David Clendening said. “I can’t think of a better way to grow and enrich students than by introducing them to international culture. I am grateful for the partnerships that are helping to make this dream a reality.” 

This trip would not be possible without the generosity of the following companies which provided funding for the students to travel to Japan:

NSK Corporation
KYB Americas Corporation
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Climate Control, Inc.
Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine America, Inc.

“FEC is committed to providing opportunities to the students of Franklin Community Schools,” Franklin Education Connection President, Dustin Huddleston said. “Now with this unique partnership with the City and private businesses, we can expand our opportunities overseas.”

The goal of the City of Franklin, Franklin Community Schools, and the Franklin Education Connection is to continue this program beyond the year of 2020 and send Franklin Students to Japan every year thereafter. 

Coinciding with the students’ trip, Mayor Steve Barnett and City officials will also be traveling to Japan in September of 2020 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our sister city relationship with Kuji.   

Mayor Steve Barnett will visit the headquarters of Japanese companies operating in Franklin. Barnett plans to travel between Tokyo and Aichi Prefecture, to learn from international leaders and continue to develop strategies for the global industrial market.  Additionally, the Mayor has activities planned to support city-to-city relationship building and business opportunities.  The goal of this trip is to establish and develop relationships between our Japanese counterparts to support the city's economic development strategy. 

Barnett stated, “Our industrial environment is the backbone to economic growth in the city of Franklin.  This visit will provide a platform for strengthening and expanding our business links and collaboration models.  I look forward to meeting our Japanese business leaders and building on the bonds between our cities.”