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FCS Kicks Off School Year

Franklin Community Schools welcomed back employees on Monday, August 5th.  The morning started with breakfast and emcee, Rafael Sanchez, in more outfit changes than we've seen before.  Faculty and Staff were reminded that they are superheroes, and this year, FCS wants to celebrate each individual's superpower!  

rafael sanchez standing in front of podium with mic in one hand, other hand in the air. He is wearing a batmat suit.

FCS Board of School Trustees secretary, Kristi Ott welcomed back faculty and staff and we were joined by many local community leaders offering well wishes.  Mayor Barnett was joined onstage by FEC Executive Director, Toni Breeden, and FEC President, Dustin Huddleston and keynote speaker, Dr. David Dunkle, President and CEO of Johnson Memorial Health.  PTO presidents, FCTA's Tony Harris, Will Norris, and Karle Hougland, and local pastors were also recognized for being some of the heroes who support FCS.   

Dr. Dunkle standing in front of podium with mic in one hand.    Mayor Barnett standing on stage with mic in hand speaking to crowd.   

Newly hired faculty and staff were welcomed on stage before Dr. Clendening spoke about the upcoming school year.   

Two union female staff members are waving and one is looking off to the side. They are standing in front of others standing.

picture of a screen that says dream, achieve, adventure, and connect in superhero style font.