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FCHS Names Baseball Diamond Mercer Field

To honor the Mercer family, the Franklin Community High School Athletic Committee made the decision to name the varsity baseball diamond, Mercer Field.  The ceremony took place on April 11, and Jeff and Pam Mercer were joined by their sons Jeffrey, Anthony, and Joe (along with wife Brittany and children).  Principal Steve Ahaus and Athletic Director, Bill Doty, presented the Mercers with a plaque to commemorate the evening.  Jeff Mercer threw out the first pitch. 

On the plaque, it states, "For each of the small moments that the Mercer family taught us about love, faith, baseball, and community, Franklin Community High School dedicates this field to Jeff, Pam, Jeffrey, Daniel, Joe, and Anthony Mercer.  They will forever be remembered as the first family of Franklin baseball."

“No individual is shaped by a single moment in time, but rather we are sculpted by a series of thousands of small moments when someone or something has influenced who we become”

                                                                                                   - Jeff Mercer, “Small Victories”

Jeff and Pam Mercer looking at the plaque.  Steve Ahaus and Ryan Feyerabend are watching from behind them.

 The Mercer family posing with the plaque

Jeff Mercer throwing out the first pitch.

  New Mercer Field Scoreboard