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Needham 1st graders in Mrs. Snyder’s class learned about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and that Abe Lincoln liked to keep important papers in his tall hat.   

first grade student holding up their cut outs of Abraham Lincoln's face with tall black hat

March 2 is Dr. Seuss' birthday! Many of our elementary students celebrated him throughout the week! As one of their Dr. Seuss activities, Mrs. Werner's kindergarten class read the book, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. After reading the story, they used colored goldfish crackers to sort and graph.

students sitting at a table using different colors of goldfish crackers to sort and graph.

The STEM class at Northwood is learning all about sound. Mrs. Hoeing took that opportunity to read Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who to them using a new app called Novel Effect. This app uses voice recognition to add sound effects and character voices when paired with popular children's books. The students listened intently so they wouldn't miss a sound!

Beth Hoeing standing in front of class of students with book on the overhead projector

Robot with learning objective written on the whiteboard of his 'body'

Mrs. Bailey's Spanish III class used the activity To the wall to creatively finish sentence prompts based on what they see in the pictures.  Timed conjugation games always require a great deal of concentration.

students sitting at school desks working on chrombooks

A male and female student look at wall filled with posters about different people.

Practicing multiplying decimals is always better when working with friends! Students in Mrs. Ray's class are always all smiles! 

three boys sitting at a table. Two are smiling at camera, but the one in the middle is writing and looking down at the paper.   Three girls sitting at a table. All have papers and pencils in front of them and they are smiling at the camera.

In Spanish 1, Mr. DeWitt's class has been studying a Unit with Family Vocabulary.  Kids have done a project where they built out a three generation family tree with descriptions of each member (age, characteristic, and comparison).  On this particular day, they all were assigned familial roles within the "Simpsons Family". They had to ask questions in the target language and organize themselves as the family tree!

students looking up at camera.