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Mrs. Chadwell helping a student using a chromebook   Mrs. Chadwell seated at a table working with four students on a paper.    

This is Mrs. Roxane Chadwell, a classroom assistant at Franklin Community High School. On a normal day, she travels in and out of her resource room to various collaboration classes. From assisting with Math to Chemistry to Griz Lab to the resource classroom, she works with special services students on classwork, projects, and tests/quizzes. Roxanne says, "It’s a rewarding position. I love seeing the expressions on my students' faces when they have done well on their work."

students from Union posing in front of a screen showing Jane Goodall behind it all smilling at the camera.

This is Mrs. Jennifer Stone's, 2nd-grade class at Union Elementary. Recently, her class read an article about Jane Goodall in their Super magazine. Luckily, Dr. Goodall was part of Skype in the Classroom for Earth Day. She answered questions from students around the world during the Skype. She even paused to give us a chance to take a selfie with her! How cool is that?!?