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Union 3rd Grader is Superintendent for the Day

Kail Z. spent his Friday as Superintendent of the Day. Kail and Dr. Clendening spent the day touring the schools, meeting faculty and staff and stopped in to say hello to some of his friends who attend different elementary schools.  Dr. Clendening and Kail met some members of his team for lunch at Greek's Pizzeria.  Kail's favorite subjects are math and science so he was excited to visit a physics class at the high school where he and Dr. Clendening played a game that the students had just completed.  

Kail sitting on one side of table with straw in his mouth blowing air to move a Styrofoam cup to Dr. Clendening.

In Mr. Rose's engineering class, Kail got to see a 3D printer in action as well as some prototypes that high school students had created.  

Mr. Rose, Dr. Clendening and Kail looking at 3D printer    Mr. Rose showing Kail and Dr. Clendening how a student created prototype is supposed to work by pulling a lever.

Before leaving the high school, Kail and Dr. Clendening stopped to talk about the SAGE Awards.  Kail was familiar with Daniel Mercer and his story as he had attended the '54' Baseball Camp held in honor of Daniel.  

Dr. Clendening pointing to a picture of a student who had received a SAGE Award. Kail is looking at the pictures on the wall

Kail was excited to visit Needham Elementary to see his friend David.  At Webb Elementary he was able to meet our 2018 Teacher of the Year, Angie Clendening.  

David and Kail standing next to each other smiling. David is holding a paper up to show.    Kail is standing next to Angie Clendening, and she has her arm around him.

After lunch, Kail visited the rest of the buildings.  He was excited to see Dr. Halik who is currently the interim principal at Custer Baker Intermediate School.  Dr. Halik spent a semester at Union a couple of years ago.  He also met one of our School Resource Officers, Mary Helms.  

Dr. Clendening, Jeff Sewell, Brooke Worland and Kail sitting around a lunch table looking at Dr. Clendenings phone.

Dr. Halik, Kail, Dr. Clendening standing together   Kail standing with school resource officer Mary Helms