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Needham Announces VIP Training Sessions

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year at Needham Elementary. We are excited to get this school year underway and would like to take this opportunity to explain Parent Volunteer Guidelines.  Franklin Community Schools required that all guests who wish to visit our school, beyond the office space, are required to complete a “limited criminal history check”. This is a form that must be completed each school year.  This process has changed this year and we will send home additional information about this in a separate letter. 

The other part of the process for becoming a volunteer at Needham is attending a Volunteer and Involved Parent (VIP) training session with our principal, Mr. Purlee.  Some of the topics covered include school safety, volunteer guidelines building expectations, bullying prevention, and other information. If you are a returning volunteer, you will not need to complete another VIP training session.  Volunteers are welcome and appreciated at Needham Elementary School and are expected to abide by the building’s volunteer policies and procedures.

Plan on attending a meeting early in the school year if you plan on helping in a classroom or going on a field trip.  Since field trips are not yet determined, there are 10 dates to choose from during 1st semester and there will be 10 more in 2nd semester.   


This meeting is only for parents who have not attended a VIP meeting.

Any questions may be directed to me at 317-346-8500 or




                                                                                                  Dylan Purlee, Principal

 VIP Training Session Meeting Dates for 2019-20 School year

 Please RSVP for a training session by calling Jamie or Debb at the Main office  317-346-8500

(Meetings typically last 30 minutes)



  • Tuesday, Aug. 20th @ 8:30 or 5:00     
  • Tuesday, Sept. 17th @ 8:30 or 5:00
  • Tuesday, Oct. 8th @ 8:30 or 5:00   
  • Tuesday, Nov. 19th @ 8:30 or 5:00   
  • Tuesday, Dec. 17th 8:30 or 5:00


  • Tuesday, Jan. 21st @ 8:30 or 5:00     
  • Tuesday, Feb. 18th @ 8:30 or 5:00
  • Tuesday, March. 17th @ 8:30 or 5:00   
  • Tuesday, April. 21st @ 8:30 or 5:00   
  • Tuesday, May 19th 8:30 or 5:00