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Next VIP Session - February 12th 8:30 AM & 5:15 PM


Needham Elementary School                                              Dylan Purlee

1399 Upper Shelbyville Road                                                   Principal

Franklin, IN  46131                              

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                                                                                                 School Year 2018-19

Dear Volunteer Applicant:


   This letter is being provided to you in the event you would express an interest in the Needham Elementary Volunteer Program.  The community of Needham Elementary School (NES) is committed to providing a positive learning environment that develops academic skills, independence, self-confidence and social responsibility.  Through teacher-developed curriculum, hands-on learning and cooperative experiences, students will gain lifelong learning skills.  The Needham Volunteers and Involved Parents Program is designed to play an important role in accomplishing this mission.

     Anyone interested in participating in the program must  pass a screening process each school year, which includes a limited criminal history background check. A background check is needed every year to continue being a volunteer.  Applicants must sign the Criminal History Information sheet.  Applicants must then complete a mandatory VIPs (Volunteers and Involved Parent) training session at NES which will cover school safety, volunteer guidelines building expectations, bullying prevention, and other information. If you are a returning volunteer for NES, the volunteer will not need to complete another VIPs training session.  Volunteers are welcome and  appreciated at Needham Elementary School and are expected to abide by the building’s volunteer policies and procedures.

    Plan on attending a meeting early in the school year if you plan on helping in a classroom or going on a field trip.  Since field trips are not yet determined, there are 10 dates to choose from during 1st semester and there will be 10 more in 2nd semester.   

  This meeting is only for parents who have not attended a VIP meeting.


 Any questions may be directed to me at 317-346-8500 or


                                                                                            Dylan Purlee, Principal

     Mandatory Adult VIPs Training Session – NES Meeting

SPRING MEETINGS:      JFeb. 12th  @ 8:30 or  5:15    Mar. 12th @ 8:30 or 5:15                     Apr. 9th   @ 8:30 or 5:15    

       Please RSVP for a training session through the NES secretary 317-346-8500