• Frequently Asked Questions
    Q.  What volunteer opportunities are available for concerned parents or citizens?
    A.  The School Safety Planning Team will meet to brainstorm meaningful opportunities for parents and community members to volunteer. 
    Q.  Does FCS plan to install metal detectors? 
    A.  FCS does plan to investigate the use of metal detectors or any other technology available to prevent weapons from entering the buildings. 
    Q.  Does FCS allow teachers to carry firearms during school hours?
    A.  The School Board prohibits visitors, students, support staff members, and professional staff members from possessing, storing, making, or using a weapon in any setting that is under the control and supervision of the Corporation for the purpose of school activities approved and authorized by the Corporation. 
    Q.  Are School Resource Officers (SRO) armed? 
    A.  Yes, SRO's are on duty Franklin City Police Officers. 
    Q.  How do substitute teachers receive emergency processes and guidelines?
    A.  Substitute teachers receive education on school procedures and classroom guidelines during substitute teacher orientation.  Substitute teachers receive school-specific instructions prior to the beginning of each workday.
    Q.  How many certified School Safety Specialists are at FCS? 
    A.  FCS has approximately 30 total certified specialists. 
    Q.  Who are the trained School Safety Specialists, and what does it take to become certified? 
    A.  School Safety Specialists range from support staff and teachers to administrators.  Training consists of two days participation in a classroom setting in the fall, two days of participation in an online program, and one day of advanced training in the spring. 
    Q.  Can I see your School Safety Plan?
    A.  Indiana Code 5-14-3-4 Section 4a indicates that School safety and security measures, plans, and systems are records that are exempt from disclosure requirements. 
    Q. What if I don't see my question here?
    A.  Please feel free to send your question or suggestion to Jeff Sewell, Director of Operations at sewellj@franklinschools.org