998 Grizzly Cub Drive | Franklin, IN 46131

P: 317-738-5800

Immediate Action Items -
  • An intercom with a camera can be used by school staff to visually verify a guest’s identity and reason for entering campus before they are allowed access to the office.
  • Use a visitor management system to verify that guests are authorized to visit the campus.

 Franklin Community Schools expects to be 100% compliant with each of these safety measures by August 2013. 

Long Term Plans -
  • Utilize secure vestibules at main entrances.  The door that accesses the school should be locked.  Visitors should be forced to go to the front office to check in. 
  • Obtain additional funding to increase employment of School Resource Officers (SRO) through proposed legislation or grant opportunities.
  • Create meaningful volunteer opportunities for concerned citizens.
  • Increase the number of certified school safety specialists and increase the levels of trainings for faculty, staff, parents, students and community.
  • Investigate the use of metal detectors or other pertinent technology used to restrict weapons enter the building.