• IREAD 3 is a  high-stakes test mandated by the state of Indiana to assess your child’s reading and comprehension skills. High stakes for this particular assessment means that if your child does not pass the IREAD 3 test, he/she will be required to participate in intensive reading instruction for the remainder of the school year AND summer school during the month of June. A child who does not pass IREAD 3 initially will have another opportunity to take the test during the summer. If a child does not pass either the March or summer test, they will be retained in 3rd grade for the next school year. This is mandated by the state of Indiana as part of Indiana Code 20-32-8.5. The rule provides three "good cause exemptions" for retention. Those include one for special education students, one for English Learners, and one for students who have been retained twice prior to fourth grade.

    For more information visit the Indiana Department of Education.