Inside The Performing Arts Center

Venue Specifications

  • Listed below are the general specifications for The Franklin Performing Arts Center. For more detailed information, please contact The Franklin Performing Arts Center Director, Doug Corliss


    Auditorium Capacity: 918 seats,  9 additional wheelchair spaces



                The loading dock near the stage is at ground level and is stage level. The stage entrance door is 10’ wide x 13’ high.

                NOTE: There is an alternate dock location in the building, with a 48” dock that can accommodate two trucks.



                Proscenium: 47’3” wide x arched 17’9” sides and 20’10” center high

                Stage depth: Proscenium to back wall = 30’4”

                Apron to back wall = 38’

                Overall width of stage: 63’10”

                Wing space: Stage right - 31’6” x 16’5”  &  Stage left - 31’6” x 12’5”

                Size of orchestra pit: 15’11” depth in center, 12’2” depth at ends, 38’ wide up stage edge, 6’2” high

                Height from floor to grid: 48’5”

                Distance from pit lip to FOH: 38’

                Distance from proscenium to spotlight booths: 106’



                Counterweight system is located stage left.

                25 lines on 8” centers, 12” between Grand Curtain & First Border

                8’ Arbors

                63’ Battens

                Maximum load per batten = 1200 lbs.



                2-Conductor’s Podiums

                140 – Music Stands

                61 – Music Stand Lights

                149 – Musician’s Chairs

                6 – Stage Right FR-36 Choral Risers

                12 – 4’x8’ Wenger Versalite Staging Platforms (8”, 16”, 24”, 32” legs)

                17 – 4’x6’ Wenger Versalite Staging Platforms (8”, 16”, 24”, 32” legs)

                1 – Yamaha C6 Grand Piano

                1 – Harlequin Reversible Marley Dance Floor (Black & Grey)



                One chorus room located behind the stage can accommodate 15 people. The room is equipped with make-up tables, mirrors,

                lights, chairs, toilets, and sinks. *NOTE: There are other rooms available in this area that can be made into dressing rooms.



                Front of House:

                32 Channel Soundcraft MH4

                3-Dual 31band Rane ME60 Equalizers

                1-Marantz PMD351 CD/Cassette Combo Player

                1-Tascam CD A500 CD/Cassette Combo Player


                House Mains:

                L/R: Meyer M1D Line Array

                Subs: Meyer M1D-SUB



                4-Community MVP38 stage monitors

                2-Community MVP35 side fill monitors



                8-Shure Beta58A

                8-Shure Beta57A

                8-Audio-Technica Pro37

                4-Audio-Technica AE3000

                Beyerdynamic Drum Mic Kit

                            2-TG D57c

                            2-TG D58c

                            2-TG I53c

                            1-TG D70d

                3-Audix MicroBoom with M1255B

                8-Shure MX202WC

                5-Shure MX391C Boundary Mic

                16-Shure ULXS4  Receivers

                            8-Beta58A wireless handheld

                            16-ULX1 wireless bodypack

                                        8-Shure WL93 lapel microphone

                                        16-Countryman E6 (light beige) head-worn microphone


                Dual channel Production Intercom system (Compatible with Clear-Com Brand)

                RTS BTR-240 Wireless Intercom System

                            5-TR-240 Wireless Body Packs



                ETC Express 48/96 control console with wireless remote focus


                Dimmer per circuit:

                18-Circuits at FOH Position 1

                18-Circuits at FOH Position 2

                6-Circuits House Right Box Boom

                6-Circuits House Left Box Boom

                20-Circuits on batten 4

                20-Circuits on batten 11

                20-Circuits on batten 16

                20-Circuits on batten 22

                9-Circuits in floor pockets stage left

                9-Circuits in floor pockets stage right

                9-Circuits in floor pockets up-stage



                20-10 degree ETC Source 4

                12-19 degree ETC Source 4

                12-36 degree ETC Source 4

                4-50 degree ETC Source 4

                4-Source 4 Zoom

                4-ETC Source 4 PAR

                42-Altman 65Q Fresnel

                76-PAR 64 (Black)

                18-Blizzard Lighting ProPar Seven6 LED PARs

                10-Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash



                2-Lycian 1209, 575watt HMI



                6-50lb. Iron Base Boom


                Power Distribution:

                1-400amp 120/208  3-phase, located down stage right



                Permanently installed rear projection screens and rooms left and right of the stage.


                Displays and Projectors:

                2-Mitsubishi XL5980LU Projector

                90-Absen A7 LED Video Wall (NovaPro HD Processor)


                1-BlackMagic Design 2ME 4K Video Switcher

                1-BlackMagic Design Hyper Deck

                1-BlackMagic Design Hyper Deck Mini

                1-BlackMagic Design Audio Monitor

                1-BlackMagic Design Smart Scope Duo 4K

                BlackMagic Design Smart View Video Monitor



                2-Panasonic AG-HPX370 Cameras

                            2-Marshall Monitors

                            2-Manfrotto Tripods

                            2-Fuji Lens Controls


                Converters and Adapters:

                2-Decimator MD-HX Up/Down/Cross Converter


                Media Server

                Mac Pro running Renewed Vision ProPresentor 6