Franklin Community High School

    Alumni Hall of Fame

    The Franklin Community High School Alumni Hall of Fame was created in 2014 to honor distinguished FCHS graduates.   The nominee must exemplify the FCS Guiding Principles of Communication, Individual Student Growth, Collaboration, Systemic Continuous Improvement, and Trust through the criteria listed below.  

    Academic/Career Accomplishments

    • A respected leader in his/her profession.

    • Demonstrated unique accomplishments within the area of his/her academic talents.

    • Recognized academic achievements at Franklin Community Schools as well as the collegiate level.

    Cultural/Performing Arts

    • A recognized name in the performing arts community.

    • An active contributor and promoter of cultural activities.

    Major Contributions to the Franklin Community School District

    • Promotion of the school’s name and philosophy.

    • A major influence in the lives of Franklin Community students whether by example or by contribution.

    • Notable contributions to the community.

    Military Service/Public Service

    • Recognized as having had an accomplished military career.

    • Outstanding public servant.