• Google Classroom Parent Guide

    All teachers at Franklin Community Middle School will be using Google Classroom to post homework.

    The impact of parent involvement on student performance is well documented and at FCMS we feel it is important that our teachers have a tool for involving parents in their classroom.

    What is Google Classroom (classroom.google.com)?

    Google Classroom is a great resource for students and teachers to save time and paper, easily distribute and turn in assignments, communicate, and stay organized.  It is also the ONLY way FCMS teachers will be posting daily homework assignments.  Parents are able to see assignments that are due as well as work that has been completed.

    How do I access my student’s Google Classrooms?

    In order to access your student’s Google Classrooms, you must use your son or daughter’s school provided Google Apps for Education account (this is the same method they use to log in to their Chromebook).  Your child knows this login information, and it is also available on their schedule.

    My student’s Google Login: ______________@franklinschools.org  

                                     Password: ______________

    Access from their Chromebook:

    Student Chromebooks are automatically linked to students Google Apps for Education accounts (meaning once you are logged in to the Chromebook, there is no need to log in again to Google Classroom).  Log in to Chromebook with student login and password, and go to classroom.google.com to gain access to classes in which they are enrolled.

    Access from a home computer:

    Google Classroom works best through “Google Chrome” web browser but should work through others as well.  To log in to your student’s Google Classroom from a home computer, go to classroom.google.com and use the same login information as above.

    Troubleshooting- If you get a message saying “Classroom is only available for Google Apps for Education users at this time” you have probably signed in with your personal Google account. To fix this you will need to sign out from your account by clicking the sign out button next to your e-mail address in the upper right of the screen, then sign in with your student's school email address.

    **We Encourage You To Have Your Son or Daughter Guide You Through Using Google Classroom**