• Franklin Community Schools is committed to academic rigor and continuous growth for all students, including those students who perform at, or show the potential to perform at, an outstanding level of academic accomplishment. All students deserve to have content and instruction provided on their level, and the high ability programming in the Franklin Community Schools aims to meet students' varied needs through curriculum and programming designed for high ability learners. Franklin Community Schools is also committed to the overall growth of the high ability child, including social and emotional growth. Please click through our information on this site to learn more about our offerings for high ability students. Please direct any questions about our high ability program to Dr. Mark Heiden, High Ability Coordinator, at 317-346-8800.
     Promising Practice
    Franklin Community Schools Mission Statement for our High Ability Program:
    Franklin Community Schools recognizes that some students perform at, or show the potential to perform at, an outstanding level of accomplishment in the core academic areas of language arts and mathematics. These students are found in all socio-economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, and Franklin Community Schools recognizes the need to identify such students through systematic, on-going procedures. The high ability program provides a supportive learning climate that will enrich learning so students can maximize academic potential and develop emotionally and socially in order to be contributing members of society.
    Franklin Community Schools Definition of High Ability/Giftedness:
    "High ability student" means a student who:
    1.  performs at or shows the potential for performing at an outstanding level of accomplishment in at least one of the following domains: general intellectual, reading/language arts, or math, when compared with other students of the same age, experience, or environment; and
    2.  is characterized by exceptional gifts, talents, motivation, or interests.