• Overview
    Franklin Community Early College is an early college initiative in joint partnership with Ivy Tech University.  The purpose of the program is to enable first generation college students to get a head start on college while they are in high school.  Students must enter Early College from the 8th grade. In addition to the college preparatory curriculum students can receive up to 60 hours worth of college credit leading to a two-year Associate of Arts degree or credit from the university. The learning delivery model is a combination of core and high school subjects along with the general studies college major.
    What is an Early College student?
     - A first generation college-bound student.
     - A student ready for the academic challenge, regardless of past performance.
     - A student ready for school personnel to support them in his/her academic endeavors.
     - A student ready for rigorous, in-depth and intensive coursework.
    How are students selected for the program?
    In the spring of 8th grade, students will receive application information from their guidance counselor.  All applicants must submit an essay with their application.  Applicants will be interviewed at school. There will also be a parent information meeting.  After the interviews and parent meeting, the class will be selected.  Students are only able to join the Early College program in the 8th grade.  The program admits 30 incoming freshmen each year.  
    For more information, please contact Leah Wooldridge at wooldridgel@franklinschools.org