•   David Clendening
    • School Board Communications Development     
    • Strategic Plan Development
    • Coordinates Legislative Efforts
    • Community Organization's Liaison
    • Supervises and Evaluates all Principals, Asst. Superintendent, Director of Business, Educational Services and Technology
    • Coordinates Public Relations Program and Community Communications
    • Member of Performing Arts Council

    Deb Brown-Nally


    Jeff Mercer 2

    Mrs. Deb Brown-Nally

    Executive Director of
    Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment 
    Executive Director of Finance 
    • Coordinates Curriculum Development for K-12         
    • Coordinates Instruction for K-12
    • Coordinates Assessment for K-12
    • Coordinates Mentor, Beginning Teacher and Beginning Administrator Programs               
    • Supervises K-12 Counseling Program                    
    • School Improvement K-12 
    • Attendance Officer                   
    • Supervises Intra-District Transfers
    • Supervises District Instructional Coaches 
    • Coordinates Federal Grants                            


    • Manages Budget preparation and all Financial affairs
    • Coordinates Property/Casualty insurance plan            
    • Management of construction projects                          
    • Supervisor of maintenance, grounds and custodial
    • Supervisor of student transportation
    • Member of corporation Athletic Council
    • Coordinates Educational Foundation development
    • Implements salary and benefit schedules
    • Training and oversight of the Systemic Process for FCS
    Matt Sprout    
    Director of Technology 
    Director of Operations 


      • Coordinates Technology Training, Maintenance/Replacement, and Procurement 
      • Coordinates Voice Communications, Cellular Phones and Radio Communications
      • Supervises Technology Associates and Technology Resource Coordinators
      • Assists in the Development of the Capital Projects Plan
      • Assists with Data Gathering and Reporting for FCS








    • Provides leadership and direction in all aspects of the establishment, implementation, promotion, and administration of the Office of Operations.  Oversees the operations, fiscal integrity and evaluation of all programs administered by the Office. 
    • Direct supervision and consistent monitoring of the Custodial, Food Service, Grounds, Health Services, Maintenance, and Transportation departments. 
    • Designs, establishes and maintains an organizational structure and staffing to accomplish the organization's goals and objectives in an effective manner; recruits, employs, trains, supervises, and evaluates departmental staff. 
    • Manages annual department budgets for the organization and performs periodic cost and productivity analyses. 
    • Designs and oversees the development and implementation of the Corporation Safety Plan.
    • Designs and oversees the development and implementation of the Corporation Energy Cost Containment Plan.
    • Performs engineering economic analysis and feasibility studies for projects and purchases.