• What Title I looks like at Franklin Community Schools


    Tier II Intervention 
    Identifying the needs of the learner through MClass DIBELS, NWEA, and classroom assessments. Meeting the needs of the learner through small group instruction and research-based interventions.
    adult working with three students at a table
    Professional Development
    Bringing top-notch presenters to the district to equip teachers will skill sets needed for the 21st Century Learner.
    teachers observing others as part of professional development
    Instructional Coaching
    Teachers utilize self-reflection and the Instructional Coaching Cycle to deliver differentiated instruction in the classroom and affect positive growth in all learners.
    Instructional coaches working together at a table
    Parent Involvement
    Hosting informational and interactive parent activities to ensure parents are equipped to assist their children at home. 
    parents and students at a parent meeting at Northwood