• Franklin Community Schools is twenty miles south of Indianapolis and 90 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky on I-65 and U.S. 31. The city of Franklin is named after one of our nation’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. Our city is located in the heart of Johnson County and serves as the county seat. A popular suburban community, Franklin’s population has grown 8.9 % since 2000.
    As expected,
    Franklin Community Schools has experienced growth as well. We have added 954 students since 2000 to bring us to our current corporation total of 4,994. This district is known for our learning opportunities, programs, and outstanding facilities.
    Our students
    experience a technologically advanced learning environment that helps prepare them for their future experiences.
    The teachers
    are an outstanding group of educators. We proudly employ several acclaimed and recognized educators who teach in Franklin Community Schools. From a national leader in science and math to multiple Indiana Department of Education Teacher of the Year finalists, our district is a leader in education.
    Creekside Elementary
    (enrollment: 575)

    Needham Elementary       
    (enrollment 399)

    Northwood Elementary 
    (enrollment 478)

    Union Elementary             
    (enrollment 161)

    Webb Elementary             
    (enrollment 303)

    Custer Baker Intermediate School
    (grades 5 & 6)
    (enrollment - 760)
    Franklin Community Middle School
    (grades 7 & 8)
    (enrollment - 756)
    Franklin Community High School
    (grades 9-12)
    (enrollment - 1667)
    998 Grizzly Cub Drive
    Franklin, IN 46131
    Phone - 317-738-5800
                 - 317-346-8000
    Fax       - 317-738-5812