• Request for Proposal Franklin Community Schools

    E-Rate Wireless Upgrade

    Franklin Community Schools

    998 Grizzly Cub Drive Franklin, Indiana 46131


    Franklin Community Schools (Corporation) is requesting proposals for wireless upgrades. The primary objective of this request for proposal is to identify interested vendors (Vendor) that are highly qualified in network infrastructure design and wireless engineering. The secondary objective is to provide a competitive means in which to select a qualified vendor. Each Vendor should deliver/mail a physical copy of the final proposal to the address indicated below and also e-mail a copy of the final proposal to the Corporation at erate@franklinschools.org prior to or on the day of Friday, March 17, 2023, at 1:30 pm.

    After review of the proposals, the Corporation reserves the right to interview selected vendors.

    Details for Potential Vendors:

    The following items are important for the Vendor to understand as the proposal response is prepared:

    1. Any requirements of the Corporation by the Vendor must be included in the proposal.

    2. All technology components must fully integrate with the current management system, Cisco DNAC.

    3. The proposal should list hardware costs and installation costs separately.

    4. Accepting a proposal is based on ERATE and other funding. Depending on funding none of the proposals may be accepted, a purchase of the hardware may be accepted, or hardware and installation may be accepted.

    5. It is the Vendor's responsibility to ensure that the equipment proposed meets the performance specifications of the manufacturer and the stated requirements. The proposal must guarantee performance sufficient to fulfill the needs of the Corporation as requested within this RFP.

    6. The Corporation will not release the Vendor from the performance guarantee required herein because of malfunctions or defects in equipment due to manufacturer error or flaws in the equipment.

    7. If after the completion of this project, during normal operation of the network, the Corporation discovers the wireless does not meet the minimum specifications stated in the objectives of this RFP, the Vendor will then be required to do whatever is necessary to meet the specifications with no additional cost to the Corporation.

    8. All prospective vendors must complete a walk-through. Proposals from vendors who do not complete the walk-through WILL NOT be considered. The walk-through will be at Franklin Community High School (address listed below). The walkthrough will occur by February 17, 2023 via a scheduled appointment. Please contact FCS at erate@franklinschools.org to schedule a walk-through.

    9. The specifications herein are provided to convey the intent of the systems and upgrades and do not indicate every cable or component necessary for the complete system that the proposing Vendor shall provide.

    10. Proposals must include references from other schools in the surrounding area.

    11. Prices quoted shall be all‐inclusive (including all applicable taxes, shipping cost, installation of equipment, user training, technical support and trash removal) and represent complete installation and integration with the existing network where necessary.

    12. Omissions in the proposal of any provision herein described shall not be construed as to relieve the Vendor of any responsibility or obligation to the complete and satisfactory delivery, operation and support of any services.

    13. Should the Vendor have questions or find discrepancies in, or omissions from this RFP, or shall be in doubt to its meaning, the Vendor shall at once notify the Corporation.

    14. Questions must be submitted to the email address erate@franklinschools.org. If a response is not received within 1 (one) working day, it is the responsibility of the respondent to call Matt Sprout at the contact information listed below.

    15. All questions and responses will be posted immediately on the Corporation’s E‐Rate Procurement page at http://www.franklinschools.org. It is the sole responsibility of an interested vendor to visit this page prior to proposal submission to ensure they have the latest information.

    16. If installation is accepted, all access points (in the configuration) must be named and physically labeled using Corporation’s naming standard. Naming standard will be given after a signed agreement.

    17. Vendor must be familiar with the E-Rate program including a complete understanding of the invoicing requirements and program timing. Vendor must have a Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) and updated Service Provider Annual Certification (SPAC).

    Contact Information: 

    Matt Sprout, Director of Technology


    Office: 317-346-8710

    Cell: 317-507-2309

    Franklin Community Schools

    998 Grizzly Cub Drive

    Franklin, Indiana 46131



  • Submission Instructions:

    Proposals will need to be delivered or mailed to the following address prior to or on the day of Friday, March 17, 2023:

    Franklin Community Schools

    Attn: Matt Sprout (ERATE)

    998 Grizzly Cub Drive

    Franklin, Indiana 46131

    The Franklin Community Schools Board of Trustees reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals and waive any informalities.

    The first page showing in the proposal submission packet should be Attachment A so the total price may be easily seen for tabulation.

    Proposals must include the following:

    1. Attachment A Completed and Signed by the Vendor. (THIS PAGE MUST BE THE FIRST PAGE IN THE DOCUMENTATION)
    2. A spreadsheet listing all buildings and proposed improvements to the buildings.
    3. Scope of the Project – Included, but not limited to:
      1. Proposals must be submitted in the format outlined in this section. Each proposal will be reviewed to determine if it is complete prior to actual evaluation.
      2. Responses shall include a table of contents properly indicating the section and page numbers of the requested information.
      3. Provide any additional information you wish for us to consider as we evaluate the proposal.
      4. Company qualifications
      5. Vendor contact information
        1.  Vendor name and address
        2. Contact person
          1. Name
          2. Phone/Fax/Mobile Phone
          3. Email Address
        3. Provide the name(s) of the Vendor’s owner(s)
        4. Provide a brief history of Vendor
        5. Provide a simple organizational chart for this project
        6. Indicate the person who will provide overall project leadership and be the primary contact
      6. Estimated start and completion dates including hardware delivery timeframes.
      7. Past performance is a critical component in the selection process of this project. Provide a list of references with the following information: 
        1. School name, contact, telephone number
        2. Description of the scope of work

    The Corporation reserves the right to reject any or all proposals; and further reserves the right to eliminate from further consideration any RFP response deemed to be substantially or materially unresponsive to the request for information contained herein. Any proprietary information in submittal must be designated clearly with the words, “Proprietary Information”.

    All proposals become the sole and unrestricted property of the Corporation.

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