MAKE DEPOSITS AND MONITOR STUDENT ACCOUNTS AT https://www.sendmoneytoschool.com
    • Parents will need the Student's ID number (SIN#) in order to set up the account.  The ID used by Food Service is a 7 or 8 digit number that may start with 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, or 5000.  Please call the Food Service Office at (317) 346-8720 if you need help with finding your child's ID number. 
    • Once the account has been set up, you will not only be able to check on a student's balance but you will be able to view the transactions completed on any particular day.  
    • You will be able to view exactly how your child/children are spending the money in their account!
    • SendMoneyToSchool.com can be used to monitor your child's account even if you do not choose to make on-line deposits.  
    • If you do choose to make on-line deposits to your child's lunch account, a flat fee of $1.50 will be added to each transaction.  
    • One transaction may include deposits to several student accounts. 
    •  An on-line deposit is made directly into the child's meal account and will be available for use within 15 minutes of the time that the transaction was made.

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