• A friendly reminder - This is the time of the year when lice can be transferred from one person to another.  It is best to be proactive instead of reactive. 
    Teach your children that they should not exchange headwear, combs, hairpins, ribbons or any other personal items with other children.  Lice can cling onto these items and transfer directly onto the next child.
    Lice are tiny brown and gray parasites that can cause itching and scratching, especially on areas of the body that are covered with hair (typically the scalp, neck and behind the ears).  If your child's hair is involved, you might be able to see the tiny lice eggs, which look like white grains of sand attached to the hair shafts. 
    If you are not sure of the process for checking or treating your child for lice, please contact your school nurse for assistance.  Additional resources can be found at www.cdc.gov/lice/head