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    - MADD

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    Something Is Wrong At My House
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    I Know the World's Worst Secret

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    Divorce & Holidays
    Holiday time will be upon us before we know it!  I would like to address these thoughts to families that have divorced or separated.  I have facilitated parents of divorce groups for many years on Saturdays to give guidance to parents as they support their children through this life changing event.  Holidays can be tough times for the children of divorce but it mostly depends on how the parents handle the change of creating new traditions.  Please know that change is difficult but can also be positive.  A favorite poster in my office says “People can alter their lives by altering their attitudes,” and that is exactly what will help with facing new challenges in life.  Remember that your children will often reflect the attitude that you carry in life…ouch. I know that may be painful to consider, but it is so true!  I would like to offer some recess support times for children of divorce or separation. I will call them the Banana Split groups, and they will be for 1st- 5th grade students.  We will meet and gather some support from one another. Grade level and times will be determined after I get a feel for the number interested.  Please send me a note stating you would like this group support offered for your child and include their name and classroom.   Never hesitate to give me a call if you have concerns or questions.  Enjoy the time you have with your children…it will pass all too quickly!
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    Grandparents as Parents - Toledo/Brown

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    Staying Back
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    Homework Responsibility
    I have comment to share from John Rosemond about Homeworkwhich seems to be the hot topic right now and a big reason grades have dropped for some students.  It is also a topic you need to keep watch on when Spring fever hits and kids are ready for summer!  This is taken from Dr. Rosemond’s book Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children, which I think has some GREAT advice!  These parents had a son not taking responsibility for homework and as a result parents were working very hard at “being sure” he did his homework and they were getting very frustrated with their son.  They had a conference with the teacher who politely told them to stay out of it and she would take care of it.  Things got worse and of course the parents were worried.  They were seeking advice from Dr. Rosemond and this is his reply:  “Andrew’s teacher realizes that in order for him to begin taking responsibility for himself, you’re going to have to stop taking responsibility for him.  Having done what she told you to do, you’re in a panic because the problem is now more noticeable and all your past accomplishments seem to be going down the tubes.  But that’s just the point.  The accomplishments were yours, not his.  It’s time Andrew learned to walk on his own two feet.  As he does, he’s bound to stumble and perhaps fall flat on his face.  That’s all right.  He seems blessed with a teacher who sees the problem and knows how to solve it.  Trust her.  She sounds like the answer to a prayer.”  And I say Amen to that!  I lovingly call parents who hover around their children, constantly “fixing” their child’s mistakes, helicopter parents.  There are really no mistakes…only lessons to be learned in life but you need to let them learn!  What better place than elementary for them to struggle, learn on their own and yes, sometimes fail!  Children are so amazingly resilient and now is a better time to test that than when they become teenagers!!!  I only wish I hadn’t worked so hard to “make my boys” succeed in school, it would have saved me some headaches (and gray hairs) when they were in high school!  They are successful 26 and 30 year olds now but I can say, “been there, done that!”  So hang in there parents, keep learning and land your helicopter!  You can read more information at www.rosemond.com if you have access to the internet.  There is free internet access at the Johnson County Public Library and the Franklin Parks and Recreation Center if you do not have it at home.

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    The Teenager's Survival Book
    Students At Risk: Problems and Solutions
    Teacher They Called My _________!
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    Don't Hang Around With The Wrong Crowd
    When Grown Ups Drive You Crazy

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    Mommy and Daddy are Fighting
    A Family That Fights
    Something's Wrong at My House
    I Wish the Hitting Would Stop
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    Exposure to War
    I am so grateful to be going to work in the daylight and shedding my winter coat (for the most part)!  I believe cabin fever is over for another season!  Even with the joy found in the arrival of spring and all it represents with new life and growth…this is a sad time for our nation with the war, threats and fear surrounding us.  When we went to level orange/high alert last month, we sent a letter home with suggestions to help your child and I believe they still hold true for this time:
    You are a role model, and your child will gauge their fear and concern based on how you are responding to all the media coverage.  Limit their exposure to the TV and other media and when they do see or hear something be available to discuss it.  Oftentimes your child’s imagination will cause unnecessary worry only because they are not given an opportunity to discuss their feelings.  If your child ask questions, have them explain to you what they know first and that will clue you in to what they are experiencing.  You will then be able to give a simple, direct answer to their concern.  Support and accept your child’s feelings.  If your child asks the same thing over and over, this is a natural process as they try to make sense of everything happening around them.  Be sensitive to their needs for more comfort if they begin to feel insecure.  Do not let “tummy aches or headaches” keep them from their job of being here at school and learning! You know you are welcome to call me with any questions or concerns.  Your children are in good hands here at Northwood where we care for them as our own!
    Media Violence
    A few months ago I was fortunate to hear Lt. Col. Dave Grossman speak about media violence and our students.  He is author of “Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill:  A Call to Action Against TV, Movie and Video Game Violence”.  His talk caused me concern about what our children are exposed to and I challenge you to consider these thoughts he shared:
    Until a child is 6-7 years of age, it is difficult to separate fantasy from reality.  The written word cannot be sorted out independently until about age 8.  The spoken word is not processed until around age 4.  Visual image however becomes real after 1½ years of age for a child.  All that considered should it not cause you to understand that what a child hears and sees on TV or in the movies or with video games is something to be concerned about, even at very young age?  Lt. Grossman feels violent, visual imagery is what creates the killers of society.  Students that have shot and killed classmates in the recent years had two things in common…they were wrapped up in violent media (TV, movies, video games) and they had very little discipline or someone paying attention to what they were doing.
    My question is this…ARE YOU SENSORING WHAT YOUR CHILD IS EXPERIENCING THROUGH THE MEDIA???  It is a fact that our society has become more violent and quite frankly I am frightened by it!  In ­1972 the Surgeon General released a study that said clearly “media violence causes violence in society”.  Why was that never highlighted or campaigned upon like the Surgeon General’s warning about cigarettes?  Is it because the media controls what we see and hear?  Think about that one!  It is harmful to expose your children to the graphic violence or even just the affects of violence that is so “accepted” by society and allowed to flow freely.  Will you please pay attention and take a stand against training our kids to kill?  Monitor what your young children are exposed to and be sure they are clear about what is real and what is fantasy!  You may find more from Lt. Col. Dave Grossman at the web site, www.killology.com, but be prepared!  I know this was a “soapbox” issue for me and I hope you know I speak strongly only because I care so much about our students and your children!