• School bus transportation is provided to take students from home to school and school to home. In order to provide consistent routing, stops will be at the same location every morning and the same location every afternoon. Bus passes are not available. If a child needs to go to a friend’s house or any place other than their normal stop, parents shall make alternate arrangements.

    If a permanent change is needed, (different daycare for example) parents must make a request, by phone or e-mail, to the Transportation Department. The request will be reviewed to ensure the request is from a custodial parent or guardian. Depending on the verification process, this can take up to 5 days. The parent or guardian will be notified by phone or email if the change is approved.  Consistent bus schedules are necessary to make sure each student is transported to the correct location. A bus stop change must be a permanent, everyday change. We will not be able to accommodate the following changes:

    • Intermittent or every-other-day requests
    • Requests for front-door pick-up
    • Transportation outside of the boundary for the school

    Co-Parenting bus stop requests:

    For students in grades K-4 Parents will need to contact the transportation department with the student co-parenting schedule. Transportation will notify the morning driver and the elementary school who will then write a bus pass for the afternoon bus.

    For students in grades 5th-12th The student will be responsible for knowing the co-parenting schedule, which bus to ride, and which address to go home to. Students with a co-parenting schedule will only be allowed to use the two routes approved in the schedule. No bus passes will be written for this age group.

    *Regardless of grade, the co-parenting schedule would only allow up to two address’s morning or afternoon.