• Scholarships

    College can be expensive, so it is important to get as much of it paid for as you can.  Financial aid and grants can cover some of it, but you can use scholarships to help pay the rest of the cost. 

    The Johnson County Community Foundation (JCCF) has a large amount of scholarships open to FCHS students and Johnson County residents.  The application for JCCF Scholarships will become available in January! You can scroll through the scholarships here.  There are hard copies of this available in the guidance office as well. 

    FCHS Master Scholarship List  - This is a running list of available scholarships.

    Learn More Indiana has a great search engine for scholarships based in Indiana.  Indiana College Costs allows you to estimate the costs of attending colleges in Indiana.


    After you are admitted to a college/university, you can also search online for the name of your college choice and ¨scholarships for freshmen¨ and you should be able to find scholarships specific to your institution.  You will also receive information from your college/university about scholarship and grant opportunities.  Even after you begin college, you can continue to apply for and receive scholarships.


    Here are more scholarship search engines: