• Academic Advising

    Academic advising is an important step in the education process. It is a chance for counselors, faculty, parents and other caring adults to partner with students in a discovery process. Successful academic advising encourages students to take ownership of their academic journey by:

    • Exploring dreams and passion areas
    • Considering individual learning styles – highlighting strengths and opportunities
    • Identifying short-term and long term goals and the accompanying academic plans
    • Learning about available programs, courses and opportunities
    • Developing successful time management, organization, and study skills

    Your school counselor can also assist with providing tutoring lists, inquiries regarding academic supports and resources like honors courses or exceptional learners, opportunities for internships, or general tips for success in the classroom. Please contact your counselor for more information.

  • FCHS Course Guide-Here is a list of all courses offered at Franklin Community High School.  Some courses may not be offered every year, so check with your counselor if you have questions.

  • Counselors will visit classes beginning in February to begin the scheduling process with students. Counselors will then have individual meetings with students, starting with juniors, to finalize their schedule for the 2024-2025 school year.

    4-Year Plan Worksheet

  • To view the Indiana Core 40 diploma requirements click here.

    Starting with the Class of 2022, all students will be required to complete Graduation Pathways to earn a high school diploma.  For more information on the Graduation Pathways requirements click here.