• Franklin Community Schools




    President:  Andy Lamm

    Vice President:  Ryan Waggoner

    Secretary:  Becky Nelson

    Member:  Kristi Ott

    Member:  Ryan Wertz

    School Attorney:  Roger Young

    Corporation Treasurer:  Tina Jobe-Gross

    Deputy Treasurer:  Tammy Jackson

    Athletic Council:  Andy Lamm

    Board Representative for Central Nine Career Center:  Becky Nelson

    Collective Bargaining:  Bryan Wertz & Andy Lamm

    Communication Committee:  Kristi Ott

    Legislative Council:  Ryan Waggoner

    Mental Health:  Becky Nelson

    Music Council:  Bryan Wertz

    RDC:  Kristi Ott

    Superintendent's Strategic Council:  Becky Nelson

    Diversity & Inclusion Council:  Ryan Waggoner

    Education Foundation:  Kristi Ott & Ryan Waggoner

    Date/Week/Time of Regular Meetings:  Second Monday of the Month - 7:00 pm

         Exception:  October 18, 2021 and other special meetings as needed

    Board Annual Salary:  $2,000 per year.