The FCHS TIC Center is a nontraditional media center.  The name TIC represents our dedication to promoting Technology, Innovation, and Collaboration.  


    The FCHS TIC Center goal is to reimage the role of the traditional library media center into an energetic space which engages learners through the promotion of technology, innovation, and collaboration.



    The FCHS TIC Center mission is to uphold the Franklin Community Schools mission to, "Empower greatness in all learners through collaboration, dynamic partnerships, and rich experiences that develop a world-class learning environment." We promote this mission by providing a comfortable, collaborative atmosphere where the potential of ideas can be unleashed into action.



    The FCHS TIC Center upholds the vision outlined by Franklin Community Schools, "Franklin Community Schools, where education is student-centered and innovative, and learners are inspired to become great!"



    The FCHS TIC Center upholds the beliefs outlined by Franklin Community Schools. 

       In a safe and nurturing environment, students:

    • Learn at different rates and in different ways 
    • Learn more effectively while actively engaged 
    • Develop positive relationships with adults and peers



    The FCHS TIC Center values a culture where all individuals are empowered to take ownership of their own education. To support and sustain this culture we provide:

    • An open-door policy
    • A customizable experience
    • Flexibility in learning
    • Engaging experiences
    • Real-world connections
    • Open collaboration
    • Access to all available resources



    The FCHS TIC Center has two expectations from all visiting patrons:

    • BE SAFE

    Failure to meet either of these expectations will cause immediate removal and or suspension from the TIC Center.  Guidelines for meeting these expectations are as follows:

    • Clean up any mess you make
    • Be responsible for yourself and your belongings
    • Use appropriate language at all times.
    • Do not be a disruption to others. 
    • Keep your hands and body a respectable distance from those around you.
    • Objects should never be thrown.
    • If you move furniture, be sure to move it back to its home position.



    The FCHS TIC Center aims to meet the needs of all patrons. The following services are readily available on a daily basis in the TIC Center. Accommodations and advanced reservations can be made for any items or service by contacting the center.

    • Robust print collection of fiction and nonfiction resources.
    • Textbook Collection
    • Movie Collection
    • Technology training and assistance
    • Chromebook Help Desk
    • Printing Center
    • Poster supplies
    • iPad Access
    • Video Conferencing Equipment
    • Educational Engagement: Games, Challenges, Interactives
    • PC Tech lab: includes 30 computers equipped with cd rom drives
    • SD/Memory Card Readers available.
    • Audio/Video Tech Tools:
      • Digital Cameras,
      • Video Cameras,
      • Digital drawing tablets,
      • audio headsets,
      • microphones
      • Smart Phone Recording Studio
    • Specialized software including Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Suite
    • Art Box: Contains pencil, pen, eraser, colored pencils/markers, scissors, and glue stick
    • Chromebook and Own Device charging stations
    • Charging cords
    • Small group Book Collections
    • Seasonal courtyard access and activates
    • Flexible seating: class, small group, individual, pairs, Soft Seating
    • College and Career Prep Materials: ACT, SAT, College App, FAFSA, career resources
    • Cub Café Student Run Refreshment Center and Vending Machines


    Checkout Policies

    All materials have a standard checkout period of 2 weeks. Materials can easily be renewed by visiting or contacting the TIC Center.  

    Fines and fees will accumulate for any non returned items.

    All fines and fees will be removed at time of check-in.