• Athletic Policy:  (this policy can also be found in the 2018-19 FCMS Student Handbook)


    The Franklin Community Middle School Athletic Director and Administrative Staff are the governing body for all athletic activities.  FCMS athletes are representing the school at all times and are expected to conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen. Athletes are expected to contribute his/her all in regard to effort, time, training, and cooperation for the good of the team and school.  Athletes are expected to obey all team, school, and corporation rules.


    Each athlete will have the opportunity to:

    1. Develop an appreciation for sportsmanship, competition, and enjoyment of a team sport.
    2. Learn the basic fundamentals of a particular sport.
    3. Develop an understanding of his/her role as a member of an athletic team.
    4. Develop a knowledge of game/meet strategies.
    5. Develop an appreciation for the importance of high social, academic, and moral standards.


    FCMS offers a variety of competitive sports in which athletes may participate.  Competitive sports played between schools include: tennis, football, cross country, volleyball, basketball, swimming & diving, wrestling, golf, track & field, and cheerleading.


    The schools in the Mid State Conference are proud to exhibit the characteristics of outstanding sportsmanship.  Our student athletes exemplify the commitment to the value of sport, academic and social achievement, diversity, drug free participation, ethical conduct, and nonviolence in extracurricular competition.  Together, we expect our fans to lead the way by participating with a feeling of pride and enthusiasm while avoiding ridicule and sarcasm.  Built on a tradition of athletic and academic participation, the schools in the Mid State Conference will remain committed to competing with respect and integrity today and into the future.  Please do your part to “Be a Good Sport”


    Athletes must:

    • Have a physical by a certified M.D., as well as concussion and SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) forms, to participate each year. Physicals must be filed with the athletic director before the first tryout, practice, or summer conditioning.
    • Maintain passing grades as required by the county, conference, and local guidelines.
    • Be in compliance with the rules of the coach and school.
    • Show proper attitude and work habits.
    • Show good sportsmanship towards teammates, opponents, and officials.


    Participation in athletics is a privilege earned by meeting appropriate academic expectations.  Grades will be checked 4 times per semester (every 4½ weeks) to determine eligibility. A student, who receives only one “F” or “U” on his/her report card at grade check, may continue to participate in extra-curricular activities, but needs to focus on his/her academic progress.  A student who receives two or more “F” or “U”, or a combination of “F” and “U” grades will be ineligible. The student, who is determined to be ineligible, may not participate in a contest but is allowed to practice, until the next grade check. Incomplete grades are considered an “F” unless the incomplete is for an extended excused absence from school.  If tryouts for another sport occur when an athlete is ineligible, he/she may not participate in contest until the next grade check but is allowed to practice and be a productive member of the team. Each student athlete will begin each school year with a clean slate.


    Athletes who have actively participated in the athletic program and maintained their eligibility will receive an award certificate during their team awards program.  Additionally, athletes are eligible for specific awards, bronze, silver or gold, determined by the number of sports in which they have participated at the end of their eighth grade year.  


    1. Athletes absent from school cannot participate or practice on the same day they are absent.  Athletes must be at school by 9:30 A.M. to participate in contests that day.
    2. Athletes serving after school detention, ASI, OSS or Friday School may not participate in practice or any athletic contest that day.



    Athlete Mission Statement & Parent Expectations