• Financial Aid

  • Financial aid programs help pay the costs of education after high school. If you want to continue your education, but think you can’t afford it, you should apply for financial aid.

    Types of financial aid
    There are basically three kinds of financial aid awards.

    Eligibility for most of this aid is determined by filing the FAFSA.

    Grants, scholarships, student employment and loans
    Scholarships are awards that do not need to be paid back and are often called “gift aid.” Grants and scholarships may be based on financial need or on a student’s merit or special talents.

    Student employment is money that students work for as part of their financial aid. College Work-Study is an example. Loans are money that you borrow for your education and are considered a type of financial aid. Most loans will have to be paid back with interest.


    Indiana-higher Education Grant & Freedom of Choice Grant These need-based financial aid grants are for Indiana residents at eligible Indiana colleges. File the FAFSA by April 15.
    •Minority Teacher Scholarship

    •Hoosier Scholarship

    •Indiana Nursing Scholarship

    •Twenty-first Century Scholarship

    •Robert Byrd Honors Scholarship

    •Special Education Services Scholarship

    •Summer State Work-Study Program

    •Child of Disabled Veteran Program


    Pell Grants
    Federal government and college determine eligibility.

    Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
    Priority is given to Pell Grant recipients. Your college determines your eligibility.

    College Work-Study
    Provides a part-time job if you have financial need. The government pays part of your salary; the employer pays the rest. The college determines your eligibility.

    Perkins Student Loan
    The college determines eligibility. Interest and repayment begin after separation from school.

    Stafford, Ford, and PLUS Loan Programs
    Issued through the college or a lender. Eligibility determines if the interest and/or the principal is deferred.

    Hope Scholarship and Lifetime Learning Credit.
    Federal income tax credits for college.

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