• Central 9 Career Center

Central Nine Campus

    Central 9 is our cooperative career center that works with other high schools in the surrounding areas.  Central 9 offers hands on learning and real work experience.  Students can enter into high-paying, high-demand jobs or earn a head start on their college degree with numerous programs that offer college credit which can be applied to two and four-year colleges.

    Students will attend Central 9 half-day leaving them with three periods to take courses at FCHS.  The programs are open to juniors and seniors although sophomores are able to be admitted in certain, rare circumstances.  

    For a list of programs including videos describing each program and a program guide, click here.

    FCHS will visit Central 9 in January of each school year for students interested in attending.  The application will be sent to students in January as well.  Seats are limited and programs fill up quickly.  Central 9 also hosts open houses throughout the year.  Please contact Mr. Powers with any questions about Central 9.

    For more information, you can contact Central 9.

    Phone: 317-888-4401
    Email: mcarpenter1@central9.k12.in.us
    Website: central9.k12.in.us