• This year, 21 FCS employees were notified that they were selected to receive the 10X Teacher Inspiration Grant. Utilizing money derived from the partnership with Johnson Memorial Health, Franklin Community Schools awarded the grant dollars to teachers, principals, and school counselors.

    The 14 grants awarded to 19 individuals will allow teachers to explore and learn in 10 states and 2 countries.  These experiences will translate to powerful instruction and increased student engagement by bringing each encounter back to the classroom.

     10 X logo with Franklin Community Schools... student-centered, innovative
    Grants Awarded in 2017
    Creekside Elementary
    Kea Deppe
    Needham Elementary
    Northwood Elementary
    Mandy Bechert
    Gina Boardman
     Jeff McCrary
    Becky Skeel 
    Union Elementary
    Webb Elementary
    Custer Baker Intermediate School
    Jeff Anderson
    Mindy Bangel
    Dave Beck
    Angie Greene
    Kimm Hole
    Amanda Ray
    Mandee Walls 
    Franklin Community Middle School
    Monica Anderson
    Rita Holman 
    Franklin Community High School
    Judi Carlstrand
    Jan Henderson
    Laura Mattox
    Leah Wooldridge