• Thirty-three FCS employees were notified that they were selected to receive the 10X Teacher Inspiration Grant during its inaugural grant cycle. Utilizing money derived from the partnership with Johnson Memorial Health to provide nursing services, Franklin Community Schools awarded $100,000 to teachers, principals, and school counselors.

    The 26 grants awarded to 33 individuals will allow teachers to explore and learn in 16 states and 5 countries.  These experiences will translate to powerful instruction and increased student engagement by bringing each encounter back to the classroom.

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    Grants Awarded in 2016
    Creekside Elementary
    Anne Wilson 
    Sarah Records
    Needham Elementary
    Northwood Elementary
    Megan Greene & Melissa Tinsley 
    Ellen Paris 
    Heather Kepner 
    Katie Smith 
    Amy Stayte 
    Union Elementary
    Webb Elementary
    Peggy Kinsey 
    Carla Taylor
    Jennifer Bartram  
    Jayme Abel & Denise Rodenhuis 
    Custer Baker Intermediate School
    Missy Jones & Lee Ann Uecker 
    Stacy Hollis & Regina Scott 
    Karen Gross
    Libby Findley 
    Franklin Community Middle School
    Bill Wallace 
    Franklin Community High School
    Travis Gabehart 
    Jon Stevens
    Nancy Bailey
    Ryan Hendryx 
    Julie Tennell
    Elizabeth Bean 
    Janet Kirby & Jeffrey Powers
    Christie Collins & Michelle Wallace
    Kat Sarles 
    Nicci Sargent 
    Deryck Ramey