• Franklin Community Schools

    Cub Care

    2017 Summer Camp 

    Grades K-6

    Accepting Registrations now through May 19, 2017

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    Cub Care will be offering a Summer Camp (daycare and play exploration) this summer.  Summer Camp will be housed out of Northwood Elementary School. We will have weekly themes and field trips including but not limited to: Franklin Pool, Franklin Public Library, Hi-Way Lanes Bowling,  Canary Creek, etc. Site hours are 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with preferred drop-off between 6a-9a and pick-up between 4p-6p.

     Cub Care Summer Camp Schedule

    2017 Day Camp
    Weekly Rate: $125
    Family Registration Fee: $20 
    DatesField Trips* 
     Session 1 
     (3 days @ $75) W Th F 
    May 31 - Jun 2
     Session 2M T W Th FJun 5 - Jun 9
    Tu: Franklin Pool
    Th: Franklin Pool 
    F: Jo Co Library 
     Session 3M T W Th FJun 12 - Jun 16
     Tu: Franklin Pool
    W: Canary Creek
    Th: Franklin Pool 
    F: Kira Arts (in-house)
     Session 4M T W Th FJun 19 - Jun 23
    Tu: Children's Museum
    W: Canary Creek 
    Th: Franklin Pool 
     Session 5M T W Th FJun 26 - Jun 30
     Tu: Franklin Pool
    W: Canary Creek
    Th: Franklin Pool 
     Session 6(3 days @ $75) W Th FJul 5 - Jul 7 None
     Session 7M T W Th FJul 10 - Jul 14
     Tu: Franklin Pool
    W: Canary Creek
    Th: Franklin Pool 
     Session 8M T W Th FJul 17 - Jul 21
     Tu: Jo Co Fair & HiWay Lanes
    W: Canary Creek
    Th: Franklin Pool 
     Session 9M T W Th FJul 24 - Jul 28
     Tu: Franklin Pool
    W: Canary Creek 
    Th: Franklin Pool 
    F: Kira Arts (in-house)
     Session 10M T W Th FJul 31 - Aug 4
    M: Indpls Zoo
    Tu: Franklin Pool
    W: Canary Creek 
    Th: Franklin Pool 
    *All trips are subject to change due to weather, transportation, or other circumstances. An email will be sent to make notification of changes.
    *Camp field trip shirts should be worn on field trip dates. Campers without shirts will not be permitted to attend the field trip.
    *Campers must arrive at camp by 8:45 a.m. on field trip days.

    Note: There are no family discounts for daily rates. For weekly rates the 2nd child discount is 10% and the 3rd child is 15%.

    The weekly fee includes consumable theme items, breakfast, lunch and snacks, transportation and activity fee.

    Cub Care Contact: Heather Richards
    Phone: (317) 346-8732 

    FCS Cub Care Summer Camp FAQ’s


    How do I enroll my child for camp?

    Register online through the Franklin Community Schools’ website (Cub Care Summer Camp Registration) or you can fill out a paper Summer Camp Registration Form.

    When is deadline to sign up for summer camp?

    The last date to sign up for Cub Care Summer Camp will be Friday, May 19, 2017.

    Can I drop my child off at any time?

    The Camp staff needs all drop off and picks ups to occur during the following window: morning drop off between 6:00am – 9:00am and afternoon pick up from 4:00pm – 6:00pm. If you need to pick up outside of that window notify the Cub Care staff during morning drop-off.

    Can I send a snack with my child?

    Yes, feel free to send a non-perishable, healthy snack with your child. K-6 campers will receive a morning and afternoon snack.

    What should my camper bring to camp?

    K-6 campers: send your camper with comfortable clothes and shoes, their sunscreen, a beach towel, a change of clothes, and swimwear on water play and swimming days.

    What should my camper wear to camp?

    Please send your camper in comfortable play clothes and sneakers (no sandals) as camp will be a very active environment and your child will be participating in many physical activities.

    What is the procedure for dropping off and picking up my camper each day?

    Pick-up and drop-off will take place at the Northside entrance of Northwood (car-rider line for those who are familiar). Ring the buzzer at Door 8N and a staff member will come to let you in.  You must enter with your camper through this designated door (numbers are posted above each doorway). You will sign your child in at the designated parent table. Only adults listed on your child’s registration form can pick-up your child. If we need to add an adult to your child’s authorized pick-up list, please let the Cub Care staff know no later than 24 hours before the pick-up. The authorized person should be prepared to provide the camp staff with a photo id.  

    How do I contact camp?

    You may contact the extended education assistant at (317) 494-3420 and she can reach the staff via cell phone.

    How are daily medications handled at camp?

    Only bring number of pills/dose in the prescription bottle to Cub Care Summer Camp. You will go over the prescription medication procedure with a Cub Care worker on first day.

    NOTE: If your child has a prescribed medication that must be taken at Cub Care Summer Camp you are responsible to bring it on Monday morning, or the first day of the week which camp starts.

    Do you administer over-the-counter medication?

    Yes, Cub Care Summer Camp will stock Tylenol and Ibuprofen for minor aches and pains, as well as Benadryl for allergic reactions.

    Can I bring my own over-the counter-medication?

    No, Cub Care Summer Camp will supply the Tylenol, Ibruprofen, and Benadryl. Any other over-the-counter medications will not be administered during Cub Care Summer Camp camp hours.