Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Robert 'Fuzzy' Vandivier

Robert ‘Fuzzy’ Vandivier graduated from Franklin Community High school in 1961.  For Fuzzy, leadership happened quite naturally.  He was the captain, and most prominent member of ‘The Franklin Wonder Five’, Franklin High School’s legendary team.  Bonded by basketball, the teammates stayed together throughout their high school career and continued their legacy at Franklin College, where Fuzzy captained the team for two more seasons. A spinal infection caused Fuzzy to miss the first part of the season his junior year at Franklin College, but rather than sit idly by, he acted as Coach ‘Grizz’ Wagner’s assistant as well as the freshman team coach.

Vandivier is also remembered for his humility and commitment to the Franklin community.  Rather than going into college coaching or pursuing more prestigious positions, he spent his entire working career at Franklin Community High School.  He returned to his alma mater as a basketball coach from 1923 - 1944 and then served as athletic director from 1944 -1962. He continued teaching at the high school until 1968.  Fuzzy wasn’t one to speak about his accolades, his sole concern was his students.  

His impact on the community is evident as both the Vandivier gymnasium and the Wonder Five Center have been named in his honor.