Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jon McGlocklin

Jon McGlocklin graduated from Franklin Community High School in 1961.  A four-year starter for the Grizzly Cubs, McGlocklin went on to play basketball for the Indiana Hoosiers before becoming a third-round draft pick of the NBA’s Cincinnati Royals. He scored the  Milwaukee Bucks first points and was the first player in the Bucks’ history to have his jersey number retired. By the end of his 11-year professional career, his resume included an NBA championship, an NBA all-star nod, and 9,119 career points.  

Utilizing basketball as his platform, Jon went on to co-found the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer Fund.  Espousing the guiding principles of leadership and trust, Jon partnered with longtime Milwaukee Bucks TV announcer Eddie Doucette, whose two-year-old son had been recently diagnosed with leukemia, to launch the charity.  

Comprised of athletes, local business leaders, and local celebrities, the MACC Fund is a great story of people rising up to be the best they can be in making our world better.  McGlocklin is not only the MACC Fund’s president, and has been from the beginning, he is its most visible - and active - fundraiser.  The charity has given nearly $54 million to research centers and continues to grow.  When the MACC Fund was established, cure rates were about 20 percent. Today, they are about 80 percent.  Facing a five-year survival rate of 66%, The MACC Fund’s first success story, Brett Doucette, beat the odds. Today, Brett is healthy, happily married, and a father.  Jon has made the growing charity his life’s mission and calls it a labor of love.  

Continuing his relationship with the NBA and professional sports, Jon can be seen and heard as a color analyst for the Milwaukee Bucks televised games.  McGlocklin also established and served as Vice President for Bando McGlocklin Capital Corporation from 1980-1997.  He was also the owner and President of Healy Awards, Incorporated from 1997-2006.  

Jon’s dedication to community service is well demonstrated through his long-running commitment to the MACC Fund.  He also sits on the Board of Trustees of the Medical College of Wisconsin, Emeritus status since 1986, as well as on the Athletic Board for the Wisconsin Fellowship of Christian Athletes since 1980.