• Each winter season, several questions are posed regarding cold weather and how the decision is made to delay or close school. FCS appreciates you sharing questions and concerns.  If you do not see an answer to your question below, reach out to us via emailFacebook, or X so that we can answer your question! 

    Q.  Why was FCS not on a delay today with temperatures of -1 to -2 degrees?

    A.  FCS uses -10 degrees, which includes wind chill as a threshold for two-hour delays.  Dr. Clendening examines several weather-related websites related to the temperature beginning the evening before and again throughout the early morning.  Bus routes begin near 6:00 am.  The reason that the threshold is at -10 degrees is to make sure the school buses have time to warm up and to provide sunlight.  The decision will be made by 5:30 am.

    Q.  Will the bus arrive later since it is cold out?

    A.  If there is no delay, the school will run on normal routines.  Honor the normal schedule for bus stop times, school start times, etc.  In the event that a school bus is going to be delayed for an extended period of time, an automated phone call will be sent out. 

    Q.  If I do not think it is safe to send my child to school, will they get in trouble?

    A.  In the event that you feel it is unsafe to send your child to school, please notify your child's school so that their absence may be recorded and your child will be able to make up any missed work. 

    Q.  Since it is so cold, does my child have to wait at the bus stop? 

    A.  Students should be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to his/her scheduled pickup time. During inclement weather, please watch for the bus and do your best to be at the stop when the bus arrives. Please note~ Do not wait inside the home for the bus to stop. If the bus driver does not see anyone at the bus stop, he/she will continue driving.  

    Q.  What about the students with no gloves, coats, hats, etc.? 

    A.  Students or parents should reach out to their guidance counselor. There are supplies on hand to assist these students to keep them warm. 

    Q.  I saw on a news station (or received a text) stating that Franklin Schools was on a delay/closed/etc.

    A.  Always use the information received via ParentSquare.  The information is also posted on the FCS website and social sites. We appreciate the news stations relaying information on behalf of the school; however, there are many schools that have the title Franklin in them, which can cause confusion.  

    Q.  What if I am not receiving ParentSquare messages?  

    A.  Please make sure that your child’s school has the most up-to-date contact information on file. 

    Q.  What are the other county schools doing?

    A.  Each morning when inclement weather is pending, all local superintendents gather on a conference call at 5:00 am to discuss common boundaries and current road conditions in each respective district.  The final decision for Franklin Community Schools will be made before 5:30 am.   
    Q. The weather did not seem that bad in my neighborhood, why did FCS delay or close?
    A.  The FCS district covers 112 square miles with no walking zones.  Some areas may be affected differently than others.   
    Q.  Does anyone from FCS go out to assess road conditions?
    A.  Yes, at least four members of the FCS Administration/Operations staff travel the different areas of the district to assess road conditions.  In addition, information is gathered from local authorities regarding road conditions.  

    If you have any additional questions, please let us know!  Cold weather is upon us.  Please make sure to bundle up in warm clothing, coats, hats, gloves, etc. Spring will be here before we know it!!