998 Grizzly Cub Drive | Franklin, IN 46131

P: 317-738-5800

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 Dance - Musical Theater - Concerts - Community & Public Events - Graduations
 The Franklin Performing Arts Center is a truly unique venue for a variety of events.

 Meetings and Non-ticketed Events

The Franklin Performing Arts Center serves many community events. Hosting college graduation ceremonies, orientation programs, trade shows, weddings, and student productions through making itself available to outside users. 

Annual Non-ticketed Events
 MedTech College Graduation Ceremony
Johnson County REMC Annual Meeting
GAFE Google Conference 

 Concerts and Ticketed Events
 The Franklin Performing Arts Center is host to a variety of ticketed events each year.
The full-service staff at The Franklin Performing Arts Center is dedicated to working with you to create the perfect event. 
Special Note to Promoters: All concert and ticketed event promoters must begin working with The Franklin Performing Arts Center Director, Doug Corliss, to develop a co-promotion agreement for the artist they are interested in bringing to The Franklin Performing Arts Center. 

For more information, including available dates, please contact: 
Doug Corliss
Performing Arts Center Director 
P: 317-346-8110